International Trade Law

International Trade Law

International Instruments (Conventions, Treaties, Protocols, etc.)

Individual Agreements

Multiple Agreements


National Ministries


Subscription Databases

    • Title: World Trade Online
      Web Address:
      Who Can Access: Harvard ID holders
      Where to Access: ILS public terminals
      How to Access: Access via password from ILS Reference Desk
      Provider: Inside Washington Publishers
      Description: World Trade Online is an online news service for subscribers to Inside U.S. Trade. The service includes a multi-year archive of back issues since 1993, daily news updates on trade issues, as well as a document retrieval service of over 35,000 trade-related documents including policy papers, WTO decisions, draft and final regulations, court decisions, legislation, and more.


  • Title: World Trade Law
    Web Address:
    Who Can Access: Harvard ID holders
    Where to Access: ILS public terminals
    How to Access: Access via IP recognition at any ILS terminal.
    Description: The free portion of the site consists of several elements, including: well-organized and easy-to-access primary source documents related to international trade law; a full-text search engine for GATT/WTO decisions; a large collection of links to other sources of information on the web; and a discussion forum. The subscription portion, “Dispute Settlement Commentary, ” provides summary and critical analysis of all new WTO Panel and Appellate Body reports within 1-3 weeks after they are circulated to the WTO Members. In addition, it provides summaries and analysis for all past WTO reports, and an index of legal provisions and terms for these reports.


Other Links

  • LexMercatoria (from the University of Oslo): A wonderful directory of trade instruments, sites and writings about trade.
  • BNA’s International Trade Reporter: This publication is available on Lexis (ITRADE;BNAITD) [password required] and Westlaw (BNA-ITR) [password required].  It provides news on trade and some documents.
  • USITC Bibliography of Trade related articles (from the United States International Trade Commission)
  • Merco (from the Argentine Ministry of Economy ): A database of bibliographic references to journal articles and books about Mercosur.
  • International Trade Center (from UNCTAD & WTO)





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