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  • Religion Law
  • Law in General
  • Government
  • Legal Education
  • Legal History

Law Books Catalogue Sections

You can examine and list the main Lawi Project Legal Books catalogue or examine any one of the 10 subsections.

You can examine the complete catalogue.

The catalogue is also available in separate sections

  • Class 0 Generalities. Catalogues. Newspapers.
  • Class 3 Social Sciences. Law. Government. Society. Commerce. Education.

Law Book Resources

The following facilities are available:

  • Search the catalogue using a keyword or keywords
  • Search for entries by entering a specific Lawi Classification label.
  • Read the catalogue or sections of the catalogue
  • Browse the catalogue, using our unique e-x-p-a-n-d-i-n-g classification browser.
  • Look for internet pages at a particular site – useful if you know part of a URL.
  • Read more about how the catalogue works, including information on submitting your own entries.
  • Can you help? We often get queries for things we haven’t (yet) catalogued. Do you know of any resource that would satisfy these requests?

The catalogue is organised using the Lawi Classification system.