Introduction to the Lawi Project Resources Pages

Welcome to the Lawi Project Resources Pages Guide! This is your resource for all things legal resources, from writing a brief to tools to legal reporting. We know that everyone comes to legal content with varying levels of experience. Take what you need from the resources of this pages, no need to go through it completely.

Use the pages of this platform to:

  • Find secondary sources of law
  • Update your knowledge on legal issues
  • Reference best practices
  • Learn new ways to develop legal research

This platform will help you understand the connections between all these issues.

This platorm is a work in progress, so you may initially find gaps in the content. Don’t worry, we’ll have new information soon. Want to be notified of our most recent updates? Sign up for the newsletter, and we’ll let you know when fresh content has been added.

Never miss an update to the legal resources of the Lawin Project.

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