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United Nations


Research Tools

  • Lawi United Nations platform: Index of current and retrospective United Nations documents and publications.
  • UNBISplus (from the Dag Hammerskjold Library): Database of references to documents from 1979, an index of speeches from 1983 and voting records for the General Assembly from the 38th session and the Security Council from 1946.
  • Optical Disk System (from the United Nations): Includes full-text of documents produced in New York and Geneva since 1991.  Updated daily.
  • UN-I-QUE United Nations Info Quest (from the Dag Hammerskjold Library): Bibliographic database for locating annual reports (e.g. all the periodic reports of the USA to CEDAW).
  • <RLG (from Research Libraries Group): The Dag Hammerskjold Library creates records for many UN documents which can be found on this bibliographic system.
  • United Nations System Pathfinder (from the Dag Hammerskjold Library): Guide to important documents by subject area.
  • United Nations Official Website Locator.
  • UNCAPS (from Information Systems Coordination Committee): bibliographic access to UN System libraries.

UN Entities: Document Collections

  • Resolutions and other documents (from the UN): From the main UN page includes resolutions from the major UN organs like the General Assembly and the Security Council.
  • United Nations Treaty Series (from the UN Treaty Office): Searchable full-text database of UN treaties.  Also includes the updating tool Multilateral Treaties Deposited with the Secretary-General.
  • International Law Commission (from the ILC): Includes reports and other documentation.
  • United Nations Documentation in Economic, Social and Related Fields (from the Department of Economic and Social Affairs)
  • Treaty Bodies Database and Charter Bodies Database (from the United Nations High Commissioners for Human Rights): Contains reports from governments about compliance with UN Human Rights treaties and reports by UN bodies about governments.
  • RefWorld (from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees): Includes UNHCR and UN documents on refugee issues.
  • UNCITRAL Documents (from the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law):  Includes the documents of UNCITRAL and its various working groups.
  • Digital Library of UNCTAD Publications (from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) .
  • UNEP Documents (from the United Nations Environmental Program): Includes links to the Secretariats of many of the major multilateral environmental treaties which tend to include documents.
  • UNDCCP Documents (from the United Nations Office of Drug Control and Crime Prevention): Sales publications and non-sales publications.
  • World Crime Survey Data (from the United Nations Crime and Justice Information Network): World crime statistics, available in several different formats.
  • Peace-Keeping Special Reports (from the UN Department of Public Information)
  • WomenWatch (from WomenWatch): Includes reports from the Beijing Conference and reports from various countries on women’s issues.

UN System Entities: Document Collections

  • ILODOC (from the International Labour Organization): Documents and publications of the ILO from 1919.  Searchable by title, author, keyword and subject.  Also available in French and Spanish.
  • ILOLEX (from the International Labour Organization): Includes conventions and related status information and other documents.
  • FAO Document Repository (from the Food and Agriculture Organization): Includes free text searching as well as searching by title, author and subject.

Other Entities: Document Collections


  • UN Latest Press Releases (from the UN News Centre): includes press releases, press briefings, speeches and other current information.
  • Documents Alert (from the Dag Hammerskjold Library): Recently released important documents.
  • Daily List of Documents (from the UN): List of documents issued by the New York office.

Research Guides

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