Local Government Resources

State and Local Government Resources

Since “State and local government agencies publish legislative proceedings, court schedules, maps, statistical databases, contractor lists, and other content-rich material that is, sometimes, hard to find elsewhere, the Encyclopedia of Law added thousands of online resources in their entries.

State and Local Government Online Resources on the Encyclopedia of Law

The State and Local Government online resources on the legal Encyclopedia provides convenient, frequently-updated, one-stop access to the official websites of thousands of state agencies and city and county governments. Only sites that are controlled and actively managed by state and local government agencies are included.

For each state, the entry in the Encyclopedia lists the websites of the main executive, legislative and judicial agencies as well as counties, cities, municipalities, townships and regional government councils. State form and phone directories are also included where available. In addition, the site provides quick access to government-related associations and organizations, U.S. territories and tribal governments.

Currently, the American Encyclopedia of Law has the following entries:

  • 2741 State sites, including home pages, statewide officers, executive branch agencies, commissions and boards, legislatures, judicial branches, directories
  • 146 State regional government sites
  • 151 Other state-level sites (municipal leagues, etc.)
  • 1418 Counties (parishes / boroughs)
  • 5235 Cities, towns, townships, villages, and municipalities
  • 84 Washington, DC, Puerto Rico, and territorial governments
  • 150 Tribal governments and related sites
  • 75 Other (mostly government associations )

Government Information in Legal Topics

The American Encyclopedia of Law features a State Topical Resource in several entries, where, with one click, users have easy access to to one-page listings of key government functions across all 50 states.

Researchers and users that use the legal Encyclpedia appreciate, we believe, the convenience of seeing links to similar types of sites from all the states displayed together on one entry.

Categories in the State Topical Guide are: state homepages, constitutional officers, legislatures, judicial branch, aging, agriculture, arts, education, health, jobs, state libraries, military/veterans, parks, public safety, public works, regulatory agencies and tourism.

Each topical page is prefaced by a summary of the kinds of information or services visitors can expect to find in the websites listed on that page, and provides quick links to similar agencies across the 50 states.

Examples include:






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