Legal Books Help

Legal Books Help

Legal Books, the books division of the Lawi Project, is an online searchable collection of books, reports, databases, and other scholarly, practical and academic literature in law, tax, and the political sciences. This documentation describes the Legal Books project and features for accessing the literature and addresses some commonly asked questions.



Some publications on Legal Books, like the Legal Guides, are divided into searchable units of content based on the organization of parts, chapters, sections, subsections, etc, within the individual publication. The entry-point for a user is a page within the book usually found by a search.

Once browsing the guide or legal book, it is possible to navigate around a whole unit of content in some cases. The size of the unit of content and its interconnection with other parts of the book will depend on the organization of the book.

Searching Legal Books

You may search across all content, or one book at a time in the Legal Books Portal. To search across the entire Legal Books Portal resource, type a word or phrase into the Search box at the top of the Legal Books homepage and click Search. You may search one book at a time by selecting a book listed on the Browse Titles page. Simply click on the book’s cover or hyperlink to view the Table of Contents page. There is a Search this book box located under the book’s metadata and cover thumbnail. Enter one or more terms to query the book. Your search results may be displayed on a separate page and organized by Relevance. To query the entire Legal Books Portal again, use the Search box set to ‘Books’ at the top of the screen (See Searching Legal Books for more information).

Browsing versus Searching

Browsing allows you to “click your way” through a Lawi Project publication. Searching, on the other hand, requires the user to enter a search term to retrieve books that contain the specific term. Every publication in the Legal Books Portal is fully searchable, but not all publications can be browsed. Browsable publications include a hyperlinked Table of Contents, allowing you to view the publication chapter by chapter. All books created at the Lawi Project are browsable. Books that cannot be browsed are accessible by using the Search this book box on the book’s Table of Contents page. Whether books are browsable depends on the publishers.

Copyright, Permissions, and Conditions of Use

Some of the information found in Bookshelf is provided by non-government authors and publishers, and as such is copyright protected. Since the Lawi Project does not control the copyright for these books, you must contact the author or publisher to obtain permission before reproducing any material found in such publications. Such books are identified on the Legal Books Portal web pages by the presence of the copyright symbol (©) at the bottom of the webpage. For more information, see the Bookshelf Copyright Notice.

In relation to the Lawi Restrictions on Systematic Downloading of Books or Chapters, crawlers and other automated processes may NOT be used to systematically retrieve content from the Legal Books Portal web site, and bulk downloading of books is prohibited.

Information for Authors and Publishers

Legal Books Portal strives to represent the range of biomedical, health, and life sciences books and resources available to scientists, health professionals, educators, students, and consumers. Specialist research, resources for university-level teaching, works on methods and procedures, and clinical reports and guidelines are all included. See the Legal Books Portal’s Information for Authors and Publishers page about how to propose a publication, the review process, and the submission of data.

Quick Start Guide

From the Legal Books Portal´s Browse Titles page you may view all of the Legal Books Portal’s titles by title, first author/editor, publisher, publication year or type, or begin searching across the entire resource. You may browse and search across all content, or one book at a time.

By clicking on a book’s cover image or hyperlinked title, you may access an individual publication’s Table of Contents page, from which you can begin browsing or searching the contents of that particular book.

Search results will be displayed on a separate page and organized by relevance (see Displaying Your Search Results).

For a quick look at the Legal Books Portal and its features, also visit the Tutorials page.

Search Tips

You may search the Legal Books Portal by:

  • searching on any word
  • restricting the search term to a certain field using Limits
  • using the Advanced Search option to search multiple fields, or
  • applying filters to properties.

Advanced Lawi Search

Use this page to conduct advanced searches on Lawi. You can use the forms in the search resource to conduct restricted searches. You may also search with the Google search engine. At the search resource you’ll find some advanced tips on search syntax.

Searching Legal Books

Here are some representative searches in relation to books:

  • Find books by… Search text
  • free text
  • author
  • editor
  • title
  • publisher
  • ISBN
  • publication date (year)

See Advanced Searching for more information about building specialized searches, viewing your search history, saving search results and viewing search details.

More Help for Legal Books

Browsing the Legal Books Portal

Go to Browsing the Legal Books Project Help for information about:

  • From the Legal Books Portal Homepage
  • From the Browse Titles Page
  • From a Publication’s Table of Contents
  • From within a Page

Searching the Legal Books Portal

Go to Searching the Legal Books Portal for information about:

  • Limits
  • Advanced Search
  • Displaying Your Search Results
  • Links to Related Data in Other Lawi Project Resources
  • Displaying the Search Details

Frequently Asked Questions

Go to Legal Books Frequently Asked Questions Help for information about:

  • Legal Books Portal User Questions
  • Author and Publisher Questions
  • Librarian Questions
  • Tutorials
  • Tutorial 1: Browsing
  • Tutorial 2: Search
  • Tutorial 3: Advanced search

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