Browsing the Legal Books Project Help

Browsing the Legal Books Project Help

From the Legal Books Project Homepage

Browsing allows you to “click your way” through Bookshelf and its publications. From the Bookshelf homepage, you may browse New & Updated content and Featured Titles. New & Updated includes new books and resources added to the Legal Books Project and books and resources on Legal Books Project that have been recently updated with a new chapter. Click on “See more…” to access the full New & Updated list and additional information about these titles, such as the date new books or chapters were added to the Legal Books Project. By clicking on a book’s cover image or hyperlinked title, you may access its Table of Contents page.

From the Browse Titles Page in the Legal Books Project

You may begin browsing the contents of the entire Legal Books Project via the Browse Titles page, which allows you to view and sort contents by title or publication date. To narrow the list of titles by particular terms in the titles and/or contributors, enter one or more terms in the “Filter term” box and click the Go button. Or you may filter the list by clicking on the particular subjects, types of resource, and/or publishers that interest you.

From a Publication’s Table of Contents in the Legal Books Project

Each publication on the Legal Books Project is divided into searchable units of content based on the organization of parts, chapters, and sections within the individual publication. These units of content are listed under the Contents section of the Table of Contents page. You can expand or collapse all of the main units of Contents by using the Expand All and Collapse All links on the Table of Contents page (see Figure 1).

If the publication is browsable, the Contents will be hyperlinked, allowing you to view the publication chapter by chapter. If a publication is not browsable, there will be a notification on the publication’s pages. Whether publications are browsable depends on agreements made with the publishers. Publications that cannot be browsed are accessible by using the Search this book box on a page of that publication or by querying the the Legal Books Project.

From within a Page in the Legal Books Project

Once you have landed on a particular page of content, such as a chapter, via a search query, your search terms will be bolded or highlighted if this is selected in your Lawi preferences. Your particular search terms will remain bolded or highlighted until you’ve conducted a new search query, you change your Lawi settings to not highlight search terms, or the next day.

You can browse the main sections of a page by looking at the hyperlinked In this Page section. It is also possible to quickly navigate from section to section within a chapter by clicking on the Go to drop-down menu.

If the publication is browsable, you can use the Contents drop-down menu (see Figure 6) at the top and bottom of the page to click on another part, chapter or section you would like to view.

To return to the publication’s Table of Contents page, click on the Table of Contents link at the top right of the Contents drop-down menu or under the book details. You can also return to the Table of Contents page by clicking on the publication’s cover thumbnail.






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