CPE Credit Information

CPE Credit Information

For U.S. subscribers to Lawi’s Tax web-based materials.

In this basic introductory course, participants will learn various ways to conduct tax research using the U.S. Tax Platform to get answers quickly, easily, and efficiently. The program is a live, group training session, accessible via telephone and the internet.

Program Description:

Participants work through a scenario-based exercise employing three different tax research strategies while learning to locate answers in the expert analysis of the U.S. Tax Platform (including the Federal, State, International tax issues). The course prepares participants to quickly and efficiently retrieve information, to conduct thorough and effective tax research, and to use the U.S. Tax Platform’s enhanced functionality.

Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Locate information by topic using the Tax and Accounting indexes
  • Find laws or regulations cited in analysis, cases, and supporting examples
  • Locate a Portfolio or a chapter by browsing, using the index, or conducting a keyword search
  • Locate a federal source document from the Laws, Regulations, Agency Documents collection by browsing, by citation lookup, or by using the appropriate index
  • Locate a Federal Tax Case or a State Supreme Court Case from the Cases and Decisions collection by browsing, by citation lookup, or by using the appropriate index

CPE Credit Information:

  • Session length: 1 hour
  • CPE Credit: 1 credit
  • Course of Study: Taxes

No course prerequisites or course preparation is required.

Participants who are registered for classes and need to cancel should give 24 hours notice.






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