Human Rights

Human Rights

International Instruments (Conventions, Treaties, Protocols, etc.)




  • Amnesty International (from AI): Includes annual reports and country reports as well as general information about the organization.
  • Human Rights Watch (from HRW): Includes news and full-text of their recent World Reports and country reports. For information on a country, click on ‘Recent Publications’ and then the country to get to a list of links to both World Report sections on that country and other reports.
  • Lawyers Committee for Human Rights (from LCHR): Includes news and lawyer network.
  • International Committee of the Red Cross (from ICRC): Includes many reports by country and issue. Full-text of the International Review of the Red Cross since 1995.
  • Other NGOs (from the University of Minnesota Human Rights Library): comprehensive guide to NGOs
  • Locating and Contacting NGOs


Other Sources of Human Rights Documents and Guides by Subject


  • Lexis Nexis Human Rights Cases available through the filename HRIGHT covers summaries and transcripts of decisions of the European Court of Human Rights from 1960, and Butterworths Human Rights Cases from 1996,
    covering landmark decisions from international, European and English courts and tribunals from 1960 through current.
  • Australian Human Rights Information Centre: Texts of various recent human rights documents, including texts of UN Human Rights Committee decisions.
  • Columbia University:  Human & Constitutional Rights Resource Page.  Includes links to country reports, regional, international and national resources.  Although still under construction, their ‘Bills of Right Comparative Law Materials’ database should eventually provide access to constitutional law cases from jurisdictions around the world.
  • Derechos.  A human rights organization for Latin America.  Includes news, links, and an internet human rights journal.
  • DIANA (University of Cincinnati Law School): Electronic human rights texts, bibliographies, etc., organized by country or region. Includes documents from the Organization for African Unity.
  • FinDoc (from the Abo Adademi University Institute for Human Rights): A bibliographic database of human rights literature located in Finland.  Includes international documents and national documents.
  • Harvard Law School Human Rights Program: Includes full-text of their “Guide to Human Rights Research,” as well as conference, seminar and lecture publications.
  • Human Rights Internet (HRI): Collections of human rights documents, bibliographies, publications and web links. Great human rights internet directory.
  • The Institute for Global Communications: Access to PeaceNet, EcoNet, ConflictNet, LaborNet, WomensNet, etc. Great for finding out about news around the world, and about smaller NGOs.
  • Raoul Wallenberg Institute: Includes some RWI publications in full text.
  • University of Minnesota Human Rights Library: A DIANA site. Great for documents from the UN Human Rights Commission (annotated lists). Decisions from the Inter-American Commission.

Children’s Rights

Rights of Persons with Disabilities


Linkages: Homepage of the International Institute for Sustainable Development. Information and documents on population, women’s and environmental issues.

Gay Rights

Minority Rights

Women’s Rights

  • Women’s Human Rights Resources: A DIANA site from the University of Toronto. Includes full-text conventions and reports from various sources and a great list of internet links on women’s human rights by subject.

Note: We linked the resources to in an effort to decrease the number of broken links cited.





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