Roman Law

Roman Law

  • Ius Romanum: Available in English, German, Latin or Italian, this site provides source texts as well as links to additional sources of information related to legal history and classics.
  • Roman Law Library (Alexandr Koptev and Yves Lassard) A valuable site presented in French, English, Spanish and Etruscan which provides the full-text of a number of Roman law sources in Latin and or French (html format).
  • Roman Law Resources (Ernest Metzger, University of Aberdeen).
  • “This site provides information on Roman law sources and literature, the teaching of Roman law, and the persons who study Roman law”. It is available in English and provides access to abbreviations, bibliographies, booksellers, CDROMs, events, journals (list) and more and to collect and publish corrections to the English translation of Justinian’s Digest edited by Alan Watson, which to date has appeared in two editions.

  • Medieval Legal History: Roman Law (from Fordham University): Primary and secondary sources in full-text.

Note: We linked the resources to in an effort to decrease the number of broken links cited.





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