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Welcome to the Classified Index of this legal Encyclopedia, the Lawi’s platform that contains the subject Classified Index of the Encyclopedia entries and essays.

The object of the publisher, in preparing a Classified Subject Index of the Encyclopedia, has been facility of reference and simplicity of detail.

This Classified Index provides a subject matter classification system and a Topical Index for procedural and legal issues contained in the American Encyclopedia of Law. The topical index uses an alphabetized word or term found in outline headings. Court opinions ordinarily are included if they contain a discussion of one or more of the substantive issues in the case, and are not merely per curiam or similarly abbreviated dispositions. Consult the Getting Started Guide for browsing and search instructions and Legal Abbreviations and Acronyms for a definition of terms.

What is a Classified Index?

While an Index is an alphabetically arranged list of headings, a Classified Index is kind of list of holdings or index in which entries are arranged under headings and subheadings indicating hierarchical divisions and subdivisions within classes based on the subject matter indexed.

A classified index is best used for these type of searches. a) Generic searches c) specific searches. b) Searching equivalent terms d) searching homographs.

Use of the Encyclopedia Classified Index

The Encyclopedia Classified Index is a reverse listing, rather than an alphabetical or numerical index. Their entries are sorted by legal areas and topics. To operate the index effectively, Lawi provides a legal thesaurus dictionary, synonym rings, subject categories, taxonomies and a number of schemes.

This index classifies material into subject areas from the above references. Sometimes, these will list publications with the most recent at the top, and may be some overlap between the categories.

These vocabularies and indexes provide lins to each entry in the Encyclopedia. Biographies will be added on a regular basis. Some entries that appear on other legal encyclopedias have also links in the index.

The Classified Index is based also on several categories. To find what you’re looking for, browse through the headings and sub-headings of the Index.

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