List of Law Subjects

List of Law Subjects



Administrative Law
Advanced Commercial Law
Advanced Contracts
Advanced Criminal Law
Advanced Mediation
Advanced Remedies
Advanced Revenue Law
Advanced Taxation Law
Animal Law and Policy
Applied Company Law
Asian Law and Legal Systems
Civil Liberties Law
Constitutional Law


Banking and Finance Law
Banking Law
Biomedical Law and Bioethics
Broadcasting and Telecommunications Regulation
Building and Construction Law
Business and Law in China
Business Law and Ethics


Child Law
Children and the Law
Citizenship and Immigration Law
Civil Litigation
Climate Law and Carbon Markets
Commercial and Estate Practice
Commercial Arbitration (Domestic)
Commercial Equity
Commercial Law
Commercial Trade and Transport Law
Common Law Legal Traditions
Communications and Intellectual Property Law Overview
Communications and Technology: A Primer
Community Justice Studies
Companies and Securities Law
Comparative Law
Competition and Consumer Law
Competition Law
Competition Law in a Global Context
Complex Financial and Property Disputes (in Family Law)
Complex Forensic Cases (Law for Biology)
Complex Forensic Cases (Law for Chemistry)
Complex Parenting Disputes
Conflict of Laws
Contemporary Business Law
Contemporary Issues in Constitutional Law
Contemporary Issues in Health Law
Contemporary Legal Studies
Converging Media Industries: Regulatory Challenges
Copyright Law
Corporate Environmental Responsibility
Corporate Finance Transactions
Corporate Governance
Corporate Insolvency
Corporate Law
Criminal Law
Criminal Sentencing Law
Crisis Negotiation
Current Issues in Family Law
Current Issues in Taxation


Deceptive Trade Practices
Deceptive Trade Practices and Product Liability
Designs Law and Practice
Dilemmas in Biomedical Law
Disability and the Law
Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution Advocacy
Dispute Resolution in Civil Practice
Dispute Resolution in Commerce
Doctoral Dissertation (SJD)
Drafting of Patent Specifications


Electronic Communications Content Regulation
Employment and Industrial Law
Entertainment Law
Environmental and Sustainable Development Law of China
Environmental Forensic Law
Environmental Law
Environmental Law and Science
Environmental Planning and Development Law
Equity and Trusts
Estate Planning (UG)
Estate Planning and Trusts
Ethics and Professional Conduct
European Union Law
Evidence and Criminal Procedure
Exchange Subject



Family Dispute Resolution
Family Law
Finance Law
Financial Analysis for the Transactional Lawyer
Financial Services Law and Compliance


Gender, Law and Sexuality
Genetics and the Law
Global Aspects of Intellectual Property Law
Global Governance and Social Justice
Globalisation and International Economic Law
Goods and Services Tax (GST, similar to VAT)


Higher Degree Research Seminar
Human Rights Law


Indigenous Peoples and the Law
Indigenous Peoples, the Environment and Property
Industrial and Labour Law
Industrial Law
Insolvency Administration
Insolvency, Restructuring and Turnaround Management
Insurance Law
Intellectual Property and Traditional Knowledge
Intellectual Property Commercialisation
Intellectual Property Commercialisation Overview
Intellectual Property: Law and Policy
International and Comparative Family Law
International Aspects of Taxation Law
International Banking and Finance Law
International Business Law
International Business Transactions and the Law
International Commercial Arbitration
International Commercial Dispute Resolution
International Commercial Transactions
International Criminal Law
International Development Law
International Economic Law (PG)
International Environmental Law
International Environmental Law: Policy and Implementation
International Human Rights Law
International Humanitarian Law
International Organisations
International Regulation of Financial Institutions
International Sale of Goods
International Taxation Law
International Trade Law
International Trade Law and the Environment
Interpretation and Validity of Patent Specifications
Introduction to Chinese Business Law
Introduction to Law
Introduction to Taxation Law
Islamic Law


Jessup International Moot


Labour Law
Law and Literature
Law and Medicine
Law and Mental Health
Law and Regulation
Law of Slavery and Human Trafficking
Law of the Sea
Legal and Professional Skills
Legal Aspects of Contracts Administration
Legal Aspects of Insolvency
Legal Issues for Community Managers
Legal Issues in Communications
Legal Method and Research
Legal Perspectives on the Internet
Legal Process and Intellectual Property Overview
Legal Process and Legal Research
Legal Skills
Litigation and Estate Practice
LLM Project by Research


Marketing Law
Media and Entertainment Law and Regulation
Media Law
Mediation Practice
Medicine and Law
Mining Law and Regulation


New Technologies


Patent Law
Patent Systems
Perspectives on Law
Perspectives on Regulation
Postgraduate Legal Research
Practical Experience
Preparing for Intellectual Property Practice
Price International Media Law Moot
Private International Law
Professional Conduct (Intellectual Property)
Property Transactions
Psychology and Dispute Resolution
Public International Law


Real Property
Refugee Law and Practice
Regulatory Issues in the Broadband Environment
Regulatory Strategies and Compliance Principles
Research Dissertation (Law)
Research Paper
Research Project (PG)
Research Project
Research Thesis
Retirement Planning (UG)
Revenue Law
Rights and Obligations in the International Legal System


Securities Markets Law
Securities Regulation
Sports Law
Superannuation and Retirement Planning


Taxation Administration
Taxation Law
Taxation of Business Entities
Taxation of Commercial Enterprises
Technology, Law and the Future of Entertainment
Telecommunications Law and Regulations
The Law and Education
Trade Marks Law
Trade Marks Practice
Transactional Practice


Vis Arbitral Moot


Wickedness and Vice
Workplace Dispute Resolution
World Trade Law
World Trade Organisation Law and Practice


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